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Turnkey Solutions
In addition to our custom services, we have designed several turnkey solutions that let our clients get started or upgrade their business technology infrastructure in the best and quickest manner. Each solution has been created with the following qualities in mind:
  • Standardized (easy to upgrade and maintain with readily available components)
  • Robust (supports current business needs and future growth)
  • Usable (easy to use with zero or minimal training)
  • Provides value (increases efficiency, productivity, and profits)
Communications Package
Do you need a more efficient way to handle your phone calls? This package offers you a complete phone system with voicemail and phone sets. It includes all the required wiring and basic training on how to transfer, conference, and manage your phone needs.

Network Package
Connect your computers for higher productivity. This package includes all the equipment you need to network your computers, all the required cabling, as well as optional high-speed Internet access and e-mail service from one of our partner ISP’s.

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